Men Reveal What They Find Least Attractive In Women

When I get dressed for date night with my boyfriend there are things I put on that I think make me look fantastic and on trend – dark vamp lipstick and tassel earrings to name a few. My boyfriend then looks at me like I’m some strange creature (but is smart enough to smile and say I look fantastic).

While women don’t dress for men (sorry guys), it is interesting to know what guys think of things that we are a big fan of (e.g. tanning) and things that the media has made us believe men like (e.g. fake anything).

Reddit users we have a nice list of all of these things. The thread, “What is something women think makes them more attractive to men while men think it makes them less attractive?” had over 200 comments.

Excessive tanning. White people should not be brown, it’s unhealthy, and always seems to come with a ridiculous personality to match the amount of time and energy they lay in an oven cooking themselves – Austrinaut

That upper-lip piercing that makes a girl go from a 10 to a 3 instantly. It just looks so trashy – Fielder57

Acting like they have many men interested in them – yokohama11

Duck face and fat lips in general. If they don’t fit your face don’t do it – i_heart_blondes

Obnoxiously long nails, old lady perfume, and high waist pants – andrewjackson5

Maybe acting like more ditzy than they are? – raiden_the_conquerer

Ass implants, breast implants, lip implants – 85Brougham_onZ

High waisted pants, short haircuts, elaborate finger nails, spray tans, bleach blonde hair, acting stupider than they are – anillop

Excessive makeup – YaBoyyCuddle

Bright and/or bold lip colours – orangepeeling

Being assertive/confident and being a bitch are not the same thing, but some women seem to think they are – Sherwoodblountjr

Lying about their ages. No, I don’t care if you’re older than me. Yes, I do care if you lie about it – DirtyBirdDawg

Talking about past sexual partners or how many guys she’s talking to – anything about her sexual past, really, is a major turn off for me – Mustang80

Fake eyelashes and overly thick eyebrows – yoyo9797

Hoop earrings – Castro187

That cutesy little girl voice. It’s NEVER sexy. Also if a guy thinks that’s sexy it’s creepy – funkyArmaDildo

Fake eyelashes and anything to do with eyebrows – locksmith25

Saying things like “I need this fixed, I need a man!” A woman who can handle power tools or try and figure it out on her own is hot – Stepside79

Drawing in their eyebrows – xNS5

Taking nothing but selfies on instagram, social media etc…. Yeah you look good and it’s good you’re doing your thing but if you literally show me that you don’t have anything to offer besides good looks I can’t respect you. – Mattgoldsmith

There is definitely a theme in this thread, with men particularly turned off by anything fake – implants included. Do you agree?

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