Post Workout Chat With Roger Tuivasa-Scheck

With our hearts still pounding in our ears, our breath struggling to find its way in and out of our lungs and (thankfully) the Canterbury clothing doing its best to dissipate the moisture from both our sweat and our tears; we managed to grab a few moments with the ‘barely warmed up’ Roger Tuivasa-Scheck.

His physical fitness was evidently unquestionable; he climbed ropes with ease, threw medicine balls and kettle bell weights about like balloons, rode the bike in velodrome style and managed leg raises that would put a yoga teacher to shame.

We asked him about his ‘off season’ training:
It’s more about Cardio than doing weights. I’m still focusing on rehab but do 2K runs and Cycling. It used to be all about chest and shoulders but we can bulk up quite easily. We train for ‘at least a 2 hour game’ which means there’s plenty in the tank.

What about food?
I’m on a strict meal plan and go Paleo – so low carb, high protein.

Congratulations on becoming a Canterbury Brand Ambassador.
Thanks I’m stoked. Growing up Canterbury was a brand I looked up to. Quality, tough and seen on some influential sports people.

We were going to ask more – but to be honest, we needed to rest for a while. We now have a new found respect for Crossfitters in general and of course Roger and Canterbury.

Read more about our first Crossfit Experience here.

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