Spy Valley 2010 Echelon Méthode Traditionelle

Blended from (52 percent) Pinot Noir and (48 percent) Chardonnay grapes from Spy Valley’s Marlborough Vineyard Johnson Estate Lodge and ‘B’ blocks Varieties. Consistently receiving four to five stars appraisal from the wine critics, this is champagne-style wine that will keep everyone happy and, at $36.90 a bottle, it is extremely good value.

Colour: peach white. Bouquet: earthy notes with strawberry, melon and apple strudel. Palate: dry and persistent with an element of creamy complexity. Bright, crisp fruit is the backdrop for more interesting flavours to develop over time.

Pairs perfectly with fish, seafood, shellfish, cheese and appetisers.


Remember to drink responsibly.

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