Do You Want To See The Mad Butcher Wear A Kangaroos Jersey?

As you know it is Blue September, the month dedicated to encouraging men to get our there and get their prostate checked. This is a fear for many guys, not just the check but actually visiting the doctor.

In order to inspire men to get checked Blue September ambassadors are facing their fears, from sharks to wearing a Kangaroo Jersey.

The Mad Butcher is one of these men, the devoted Vodafone Warriors has agreed to wear a Kangaroos jersey if he gets the most votes.

“Prostate cancer doesn’t get the publicity it should even though blokes are dying from it every day. Blokes are not getting checked as often as they should be which is terrible. I passionately believe in the cause. I’ve raised over $100,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. I am very proud to be involved in Blue September,”  he told Blue September.

Also joining in is Brett McGregor who will skydive or Mike Puru who will swim with the sharks.

The reason these guys and gals are facing their fear is to knock money off a  brand new Mazda3 GSX worth $35,595. The car will be auctioned on September 26, with the proceeds donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

With more donations the reserve will get to ZERO.

Think you could raise more than these guys? Sign up, it’s not too late.

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