5 Of The Best Hidden Gems In Auckland

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Auckland local or you’re in town for a few days, chances are there are things to do in New Zealand’s biggest city that you’ve never even heard of.

Auckland is a huge place, spanning 1,086 square kilometers and housing over a million people. It’s very easy to overlook some awesome little places, so we created this list of the best hidden gems in Auckland.

Rotoroa Island


Credit: Kathrin Simon

Kicking off our list with a true hidden gem, Rotoroa Island used to be a rehabilitation clinic and was only recently opened to the public for the first time in over 100 years. It’s just over an hour’s ferry ride from downtown Auckland and features a museum, exhibition centre, old chapel, jail house and school house.

Add in wildlife spotting, typically gorgeous New Zealand beaches and scenery and you’ve got one lovely day out.

The Pah Homestead


It might be an odd place for a historic building, but in the heart of Hillsborough is the Pah Homestead. Built in 1877, it was the largest house in the entire Auckland province at the time. The building was restored by the Auckland Council in 2010 and is now the home of the James Wallace Arts Trust and its Collection. There are over 8000 artworks including outdoor sculptures to be seen, and a lovely cafe for lunch on the verandah.


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