This 5-Minute Workout You Can Do At Your Desk Will Change Your Life

A huge amount of working people don’t go to the gym simply because they don’t have time. Whether that’s because as soon as they get home the kids need attention or the hours worked limit free time to the extent that the gym gets pushed out, it ultimately means that working out and keeping fit is very limited. However, if you’re like me and work at a desk all day, fear not!

Celebrity trainer Shaun T has shared a five minute workout on Twitter that you can do at your desk. It’ll wake you up and give you a boost of energy you might need to get through the day. It’s just enough to get your blood moving but not so much so that you’re instantly sweaty. Please remember that this isn’t a substitute for an actual workout and that to maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to be exercising regularly and eating clean, good foods as well.

I’ve tried it here at M2 and can confirm it actually does give you a dollop of energy. It’s not quite as inconspicuous as the description says – the seated back stretch was an interesting one to explain –  but it does work! Just say you’re preparing for a triathlon and that fitness stops for no one- easy! Combine the exercises with a sneaky walk to the breakroom and you’ll come back feeling brilliant. Trust me.

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