Devin Supertramp – Adventure Youtuber, Video Editor And World Traveller

You might know Devin Supertramp, the online video editor famous for his epic adventure videos on Youtube. Recently, he created an awesome flatland/bike parkour video with Contiki on the streets of Barcelona, and we were given the opportunity for a quick chat about him and what he does.

What led you into the adventure video world?
I grew up going on adventures. I’ve always loved them, so whenever I can create videos on them, I’m all for it.

Do you have any inspiration for your work?
I love Planet Earth – the TV show – and I love the book ‘Into the Wild’. Both have been huge inspirations.

What’s your favorite sort of thing to film? Sport or otherwise!
I love filming in amazing locations with amazing people. I love filming new things, and I love working with athletes that are super passionate about what they do.

How have you gotten where you are now? Any tips for budding filmers, editors, or just people looking to make their own brand big?
I’ve always stuck to what I love doing – making movies. It’s all adding up to what I do now for a living. For anyone that wants to make a career out of it, I would suggest working on as many films and projects as you can – even as a volunteer – learn from as many people as you can, take away everything from it, the good and the bad. As you start to create your own projects, take risks and find your own voice with what you love to film and capture. Tell stories you’re passionate about.

What equipment do you use to film and edit?
We film on the Red Dragon camera, we edit with Adobe Premiere, and we film with the Glidecam and DJI Inspire Drone.

Where’s your favorite place to film, or your favorite place you’ve filmed in the past?
This is a tough one. Top five favourite places: Tahiti, Iceland, New Zealand, Nepal and Bali.

What about a place you’d love to visit in the future?
I would love to film in Switzerland, Patagonia and Ireland next.

What do you love about working with Contiki?
They are one of our favourite companies to work with. Contiki lets us stay true to who we are and gives us the freedom to do what we love, and take it to another level we could never reach on our own.


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