This Is Exactly Why The Deep Sea Is The Most Terrifying Place Ever

I’m not afraid of many things in life, but one thing that has always and will continue to scare the living daylight out of me is the deep sea. Something about looking down and seeing nothing but blue and knowing that something like 95% of the world’s oceans are unexplored… Nope, no thanks. I know it stems from a very human fear of the unknown but it doesn’t change how goddamn scary the deep blue sea is.

Some people aren’t like me and are happy to drop a line way way down into the depths of the ocean. Roman Fedortsov is one such man.

Fedorstov is based in Murmansk, Russia, and apparently the oceans around it house the closest things to real-life demons you’ll ever see. For us desk-dwellers, we’ll probably never get the chance to see these beasties in real life, but thankfully Fedorstov’s Twitter feed is full of freakishly-HD pictures of what he’s pulled up from the black ocean. Why they all look like Ridley Scott creations is beyond me but I am very, very glad they live all the way in Russia.

Taniwhas on the other hand…

Or maybe something out of Peter Jackson’s King Kong?

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