This Is Why Farmers Is Your Next Clothes Shop Stop

Farmers has just dropped its latest collection, Gasoline, and it’s one you’re definitely going to want to check out. It’s perfect for the guy that wants to look stylish and cool but without trying too hard.

Puffer vests, hoodies, and trackpants are some of our favourite pieces from the collection, which are all exactly what we need to keep us warm as the temperature starts to drop and we have to accept that summer is finally over. On top of that, they have some casual tees and jeans for when you want to be more relaxed on the weekends and well-fitting chinos and long sleeved shirts for an easy work look.

The new range is great for whatever occasion you can think of. Whether it’s meeting the girlfriend’s (or boyfriend’s) parents for the first time, heading out for a few beers with the guys, or just hanging around the house on the weekend.

Farmers has really outdone themselves with this one, not only is the collection fashionable and reasonably priced, it’s also great quality. These are items that are going to last, plus all of the pieces are pretty timeless so you won’t have to worry about updating your wardrobe too soon after purchasing them. Although if you do feel like updating then you’ll be happy to hear they’ll continue to add more items to the range as the seasons change so you’ll be sorted for any eventuality. (And if your friends and family have been hinting at you recently to up your game in the dressing department then they’ll definitely be pleased with your new threads).

The Gasoline collection is easy, modern, and affordable and helps take the stress out of finding clothes for the coming colder months. The only hard part will be choosing which pieces we want to buy first.

You can check them out in store or online from now.

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