Can You Find The Massive Python Hiding In This Picture?

Everyone loves a good ‘Where’s Wally?’ challenge. And if you want to be a professional snake catcher, you really need to be good at them – as well has having big… nerves. Take this photo for instance. Uploaded by the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page in Australia, it shows a very clever python hiding behind one of six flower pots.

Take this as a very informal and in no way indicative of anything test to see if you could catch snakes in Australia.

The page wrote: “BELIEVE IT OR NOT! ….. there is actually a 1.8m Carpet Python curled up behind one of these pots!

Goes to show how well they can hide. If you can see it, try sharing this on your walls and see if your friends can see it too!”

The carpet python hiding in the photo is not venomous and pose little threat to humans. Although, don’t take this as a free pass to poke one – they can still bite like hell! Carpet pythons are often the culprit of snatching small animals across the mainlaind of Australia, anything from rabbits to cats and even small dogs.

Still can’t find it? Hit the jump below.


You can juuuuuust see the scales of the python betwixt the leaves of the plant. It is incredible how well a snake almost 2 meters long can hide, isn’t it? That’s the height of an average man squeezed into a cubbyhole about a quarter of the size.

If I’m honest, I got it wrong. But in my defense, I wasn’t wearing my glasses. So obviously if I was wearing them I would be a top notch snake catcher. But don’t ask anyone or they’ll just deny it.

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