Google Maps Can Help You Find Your Favourite Pokemon In Auckland

Edit: It seems that the facebook group and map have since been deprecated since this post was made. We now recommend you use pokemongomap.info

Thanks to Reddit user hyracuese, there’s now an interactive Google Maps for the locations of the rarer Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Since it’s release, Pokemon Go has totally taken over social media and reality. Anywhere you go, people staring at their phones are more than likely to be playing the augmented reality game.

It’s easy enough to find Pokemon – you just go for a wander around your neighborhood. But what about the more rare specimen? Well, you can do the leg work yourself (arguably more satisfying) or you can check this handy map. It’s a community-created effort, so go ahead and like the Facebook page so the contributors know their efforts are being appreciated. It helps everyone in the long run!

It’s constantly being updated with new Pokemon locations, so keep an eye on it. Currently it’s mostly the Auckland area with the most attention lavished on it, but it’s totally open to expansion. If you’re in another part of the country – or the world – think about adding an icon to help others!

You can toggle Pokestops and Gyms as visible or not, but it may make the map difficult to read. In any case, if you’re on the hunt for the biggest, best Pokemon, check this out.

Pokemon Go has had a few updates now, and the tracking system in-game is getting a revamp to hopefully make it easier to find Pokemon in the app itself. The legendary birds (Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno) have all been confirmed as in the game and obtainable, but here’s hoping we get some hint to the next generation of Pokemon being virtually let loose soon.


If the map above won’t load or for some reason. If you want some of the more hard-to-find beasts, you’ll want places like Bucklands Beach and Highland Park. There, Pokemon such as Kadabra and Lickitung have been regularly spotted, although a coworker and I found a Lickitung in the CBD recently. Waterfront areas are known to offer Dratini, Dragonair and Golduck, and the inner CBD has Vulpix, Magnemite and Magma.

In order to find some rare Pokemon outside of Auckland, good places to start are coastal areas, parks and local CBD’s.

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