It Took Hillary Clinton One Tweet To Rub Salt Into Trump’s Travel Ban Wound

Hillary Clinton has kept herself out of the public eye in the weeks and months following her close defeat to Donald Trump in the American elections last year. However she makes the occasional online outing to voice her support for her fellow Democrats in opposing a lot of President Trump’s controversial rulings. The latest of these is the ‘Muslim ban’ – Trump’s effort to ban people from certain countries entering the United States.

In a nutshell, Trump recently ordered the banning of people immigrating from seven predominantly Muslim countries. However, Seattle-based District Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraint on the ban on February 4th. Naturally, the Trump administration wasn’t pleased at this and claimed the president has the constitutional power to restrict entry, due to the reason being to prevent terrorism. The states of Washington and Minnesota disagreed and sued, replying that the travel ban harmed individuals, businesses and universities.

Today, in a unanimous decision, three judges from the San Fransisco-based 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals voted to block the Presidential order. Speaking to Al Jazeera, Melanie Sloan, a consultant and a longtime ethics monitor in Washington DC, said: “This tells the world that there is a significant portion of our country that is not behind this kind of thing at all.

“We will work very, very hard to defeat this kind of discriminatory ban that really doesn’t help anybody.”

Clinton posted this simple tweet to celebrate:

A very satisfied reference to the voting indeed. Clinton also tweeted her support for Senator Elizabeth Warren after she was penalised and censored by Mitch McConnell for reading a letter by Coretta Scott King regarding Jeff Sessions’ previous racism.

Will we see a further emergence from Clinton’s seclusion or is this simply keeping face? Only time will really tell, but the landmark ruling does show us that while Trump has a huge amount of power at his disposal, the people of America can and will stand up when it counts. Even more so when it is those who have their careers on the line when it comes to opposing the President.

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