Holden Is Offering A Chance To Get Rid Of Your Mullet And Get A Car

In a nod to the recognition of the highly successful ‘Chop’ TV commercial, Holden New Zealand is running a promotion which will see one lucky mullet from around the country swapped for a new Holden Astra worth more than $30,000.

“We want to find Kiwi men and women who are willing to put their mullet on the line in the hope of winning a brand new car,” said Marnie Samphier, General Manager Marketing.

“We have set up the ‘Holden Astra Mullet Amnesty Day’ Facebook page and are inviting people to load a picture of their mullet in the hope of being selected to participate in the Chop event, which is taking place in the spiritual home of the mullet – West Auckland.

“It’s a fun way for us to acknowledge our past but also show that even diehard mullet fans are capable of moving with the times and embracing something new.”

In addition to the creation of the social media page, Holden has also commissioned a special personalised message plate, 0MULET, which will adorn the new Astra.

The event commences at 10am on Saturday April 1 at West City Holden in Henderson and will be finished by midday.

“The fact the Holden Astra Mullet Amnesty Day, or HA-MAD for short, is taking place on April 1 is merely a coincidence,” said a straight-face Samphier.

“HA-MAD is an opportunity to get the finest mullets together in one place at the same time and for one lucky person to come away with a new car.

“But no one will go home empty handed, as all ‘mulletaires’ will have a smart new short back and sides as well as some new Holden gear.”

More information will be released over coming days, but in the meantime search ‘Holden Astra Mullet Amnesty Day’ on Facebook for more details. A copy of ‘The Chop’ can be viewed here:

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