This Map Shows How Much Debt The World Is In

Seeing any sort of debt isn’t exactly pretty. But when you think of debt, you tend to think of overdraft, credit cards, mortgages or student loans, not national debt. However, the numbers of national debt are often too big to really visualise or comprehend. So, the best way to see just how much money any country is in the red is to divide the amount of debt by the population. That way you get a rough estimate of how much each person owes, in comprehendible figures. Thanks to howmuch.net, we’ve got a visual representation of the global debt figures, per person (in US dollars).


Countries where people owe the most

  • Japan: $85,694.87 per person

  • Ireland: $67,147.59 per person

  • Singapore: $56,112.75 per person

  • Belgium: $44,202.75 per person

  • United States: $42,503.98 per person

  • Canada: $42,142.61 per person

  • Italy: $40,461.11 per person

  • Iceland: $39,731.65 per person

  • Australia: $23,356.08 per person

  • United Kingdom: $36,206.11 per person

Countries where people owe the least

  • Liberia: $27.44 per person

  • Tajikistan: $50.67 per person

  • Democratic Republic of Congo: $90.70 per person

  • Burundi: $97.62 per person

  • Kiribati: $126.98 per person

  • Malawi: $172.34 per person

  • Uzbekistan: $177.13 per person

  • Uganda: $194.23 per person

  • Haiti: $204.33 per person

  • Mali: $207.54 per person

Japan is smack-bang in the middle, after piling up debt since its economic boom wore off in the 90s. Each Japanese citizen owes a stonking US$85,694.87, far more than anyone else. Ireland is up there, with individual debt of $67,147.59, but the main trend is that developed countries owe more. According to the site, “Developed nations are able to borrow more money because investors generally trust wealthier nations will pay back debt in full.”

Those with the least amount of debt are from third-world countries. “Liberians owe the least amount of money towards their country’s national debt at $27.44 per person. Other poor nations with low debt include Democratic Republic of Congo, at $90.70 per person, and Haiti, at $204.33 per person.”

Where is New Zealand? Well, ‘New ZELAND’ is down the bottom left with a debt of $13.7k per person. Not too bad, but could be better. I’m definitely above average, and that’s depressing.

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