This Real-Life, Working Iron Man Suit Is All We Want For Christmas

Ever since Iron Man came out back in 2008, all any male human being has wanted for Christmas is a real-life, working Iron Man suit. I know I did. It’s taken eight years since that movie came out but finally – thanks to Chinese company The Toys Asia – there’s a real suit out there. And oh my good god. It’s perfect.

Look me in the virtual eye and tell me you don’t want that. One push of a button on the included remote control and 46 motors powering 567 moving parts burst into life, and 28 glorious seconds later the insides of the suit is revealed.


Credit: Toy People

Unfortunately, despite it being full scale, the huge amount of moving parts mean there’s not quite enough room for the average person to fit inside. And, with the going price being 2.5 million Chinese yuan – roughly NZ$520,000 – and after an eight-month delivery wait, you’re probably not going to try.


Credit: Toy People

The figure also includes a display stand, as it’s pretty likely you won’t have a 230cm space set aside in your mancave especially for this. Well, now you might. But you still get the stand so, hey.

Credit: Toy People

Credit: Toy People

If you order now, you could get it in time for next Christmas… But you may have to make a very difficult decision.

An almost fully functional Iron Man suit, sans energy beams blasting out of your palms, or a down payment on an average house in Auckland.

Genuinely having a tough time deciding over here…

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