Conspiracy Theorists Think NASA Are Hiding A City On Mars

It all began with the release of one, rather suspect-looking image. ‘Discovered’ by alien conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring, the image apparently reveals and confirms the existence of buildings on Mars, the Sunday Express reports.

Apparently, NASA released the image at the size of a postage stamp so it would be “impossible” for anyone to actually see anything, and also so they “won’t get caught for hiding evidence later”.

Here’s the image in question, blown up by Waring:


Buildings, or merely pixelated rocks?

Apparently, the original was only 4kb in size – “so small it could be an app icon on your cellphone” – which sparked intrigue in the conspiracy community. “Why would they want to make such a small photo when all the other photos were 280kb or more in size?” It also explains where there is NOTHING to really see here. I mean, this is only a 590×350 image and it’s just pixels. Some are black, some are white and some are in between. If this is his idea of ‘proof’, he might need to stop using CSI’s “zoom and enhance” technique as it just doesn’t work.

Waring also claims to have found other evidence of bases in our solar system after six years of research. They are, however, all entirely his own theories and are completely unproven. NASA has asserted it is one of the most open space agencies in the world and denies any cover-ups.


Scientists attribute the ‘discovery’ of human-like objects on unfamiliar territories such as Mars to ‘pareidolia’ – where the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects, patterns or shapes in other textures. This is why we think we find evidence of humans or humanoid aliens on Mars.

What do you think? Is it all just a big government cover-up in a web of lies, or simply someone uploading the wrong image and the Internet making fire out of nothing?

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