7 Of The Most Useless Inventions Ever Invented

If you’ve ever been perusing the aisles of the $2 Shop, chances are you’ve looked at something and thought “literally who would need this” followed quickly by “who invented this?!” I certainly have, and this list spawned from that exact thought process. So without any further ado, let’s get into it:

Shoe Umbrellas


If you like to wear shoes that don’t play nice with water, don’t want to change your outfit when you open the front door and it’s raining cats and dogs, and you like looking bonkers, good news! Shoe Umbrellas are evidently a thing! Just don’t look into the logistics of water running down your legs and into your shoes that way.


Diet Water


Because 0 calorie regular water is just too fattening right? Japanese drink company Sapporo evidently thought so, adding “specialised peptide bonds” to water, and marketing it as Diet Water. Each to their own I suppose…

Screen Privacy Hood


Okay, be honest. It’s happened to everyone. You’re innocently browsing the Web, when BAM. An ad offering “hot sexxxy ____ near your area of ____” shows up, the door creaks open, you’re smashing that little cross faster than but the window freezes, but it’s just the dog… Well never again shall you have that five seconds of heart attacks because the Screen Privacy Hood is here! Not even the NSA can penetrate it’s wooly, uncomfortably narrow design.

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