This Is Why You Wake Up With Sore Neck And Shoulders

It’s human nature to create our own diagnosis for pain we experience, but sometimes, you really have to break down and ask an expert. This is especially crucial when your pain persists after you’ve tried to rectify the problem in every way suggested based on your self-diagnosis.

One such ailment that tends to affect a great deal of the population is morning soreness, particularly in the neck and shoulders. Sleeping is supposed to refresh you, and if you are waking up with pain, you certainly aren’t starting your day off feeling rested and ready to face the world. But what truly causes that pain? What are you doing – or not doing – that leaves your neck and shoulders sore from the moment you wake up?

Let’s explore some of the real diagnoses and their cures here. Maybe you’ll be able to apply the information to your own situation and improve your health quality of life.

Too Much Support

Lots of people read in bed. There’s nothing wrong with this, and it may be comfortable to prop yourself up on several pillows to enjoy your reading. But falling asleep in such a position puts too much stress on your neck and shoulders. It strains your neck, with your head pushed forward in an unnatural, stretched position. This pulls at muscles and ligaments all the way down in your shoulders.

The solution? It’s not easy sometimes, since reading can be a great way to find that solid slumber. But you have to know when to cut off the fiction on the pages to slip into the fiction of dreams. Put the book down when you start blinking and nodding off, and remove some of the pillows before you fall asleep.

Not Enough Support

Likewise, we tend to hold onto our favorite items, including flat, old pillows that have the ‘perfect’ lumps and are worn just right. Unfortunately, being a creature of habit can affect your health. You need enough support to keep your head and shoulders in a proper position. Try getting a contoured neck pillow, one that helps with cervical alignment. Go for medium support – not too firm or too soft – and you’ll find that all of the parts and pieces in your neck and shoulders are held in place.

A mattress that sags in the middle can also cause problems, ranging from hips and back to neck and shoulders. It may be time to replace the mattress if you are waking up incredibly sore, especially if multiple parts of your body are affected. You could also look at a quality mattress topper if you’re not ready to toss your old bed yet and want something less expensive to help alleviate neck or back pain.

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