These 5 Things Will Literally Make You Rich

We’re all hunting for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It’s the holy grail of everything right?

Unfortunately, apart from winning the Lotto, the only real way to make money is to buckle down and work hard. But if you don’t have a good daily schedule, there is a lot of wasted efficiency going on. Things like random Facebook checks, quick email replies, coffee breaks at whenever-o’clock… The list goes on. This is doubly critical if you work from home, as you have no one hovering and keeping you to any sort of schedule. It’s all on your shoulders. So, it is important for you to be able to schedule your day in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

Business Insider have done the legwork and asked several finance advisors how they plan their day in order to make money. Regardless of your occupation, their advice will surely help out in some way or another.

Choose your most important tasks

Choosing your most important tasks for a day allows you to focus on exactly what needs to be done that day, and get it done. It’s best to do so early in the morning as well, so you can get right to work. Grant Bledsoe, a Portland financial planner and blogger at, says “I also try to limit the list to no more than three tasks. I’m far less likely to finish longer to-do lists, and the sense of accomplishment I get when it’s done helps keep me motivated.”

Categorise your tasks

This will help you maintain balance your current workload with your goals for the future of your business. Peter Huminski, a wealth adviser in North Carolina and blogger at, says, “I try to block out at least 90 minutes everyday to work on prospecting for new clients. Sometimes it’s in the morning, and other times it’s in the afternoon, but I try to move a relationship closer to becoming a client during that block of time.”

Labeling tasks and making sure to give equal weighting to each category (assuming they’re both equally important) will also give you focus for your business and making money.

Don’t push aside creativity

If you feel you’re most creative in the mornings, don’t push that time aside for more banal things. Creativity is critical for making money, as Joe Carbone, Jr. knows. As a wealth adviser and blogger at, he says “I also make sure my current clients are being treated with the utmost care and customer service throughout the day. They are the lifeline of my practice. What good is attracting new prospects and clients if my retention is 70%? Not to mention I would be failing them on my promise to take care of their financial world.”

Remember, there’s always a way to make a quick buck

‘Get rich quick’ might be a stretch, but you can always make something if you’re in a pinch. We’ve all been in the situation where you need an emergency $200, or you have your eye on something you know will help your business. There’s always something you can do to raise some money.


You’re probably very good at a few key things you do to make your money, or you wouldn’t be in the business you are. But there are those other little tasks that keep getting pushed aside because you know they won’t result in more money. Are any of these tasks able to be delegated to others? Of course, delegating can be a little worrying – especially if this is your first time doing it. Pick small tasks and give them to people you can trust, so you can get a feel for how it works.

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