five ways to be a better man

5 Ways to Be a Better Man

Being a man doesn’t just mean being macho. Being a better man means wanting to develop the qualities of inner strength, confidence, having moral qualities, possessing honesty and integrity and being a positive example. A better man wants to be courageous and bold, challenged and to feel a sense of contribution.

Watch this to see our pick of 5 things that can set you on the way to becoming a better man.

1. Learn to Lead

Even if you don’t necessarily want that mantle, study it so that whenever a situation needs someone to take charge, you can implement your new skill set.

2. Be Unique

Asserting your individuality in a good way can also increase your professional value and significance.

3. Stop Objectifying People

Respect all human beings who deserve respect. If you can’t be respectful and appreciative, then go back to living with the dinosaurs.

4. Date Your Wife

Refresh your relationship by recalling those emotions.

5. Don’t Lose the Art of Play

Psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists all document the importance of play in the process of healthy aging.

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