Breitling Unveils An Amazing Smartwatch For Pilots

The Exospace B55 was entirely developed, assembled, finished and tested in Switzerland, including the production of movement ébauches (blanks) in the workshops of Breitling Chronométrie so you know you’re getting a quality product.

the Exospace B55 stands out through its resolutely technical design featuring a light and sturdy titanium case. It is equipped with a rotating bezel (which I’m a total fan of) with rider tabs used as reference points to mark a departure time or deadline that one wishes to remember.

Breitling Expospace


The Exospace B55 can also simultaneously indicate two timezones, one with the hands, and the other on the digital display. These two timezones can be reversed by pressing once on the pushpiece, while taking account of any possible date change. This system is extremely useful and practical when traveling, making it possible to have local time easily indicated by the hands at any time.

The “chrono flight” aeronautical system serves to record “block times” (the time elapsed between the moment the airplane begins to move to the time it stops at the end of its mission) along with flight times, while memorizing the date, departure and arrival times, takeoff and landing times as well as airport codes. Users can then download all this information to their smartphone.


Connection to the smartphone enables receipt of notifications in the event of an email (with the time of receipt), a message (SMS, WhatsApp, with the time of receipt) or a telephone call (with the time of the call and if available, the name and telephone number of the caller). It is also possible to display the day’s next appointment in hours and minutes. The watch memorizes 20 notifications with the time they took place., Price Upon Request

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