Here’s Your Guide To The Hallowed Grounds Of Online Profit

In 2014, the Yellow SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) Digital Readiness Survey showed only 50% of the almost 3000 small and medium-sized companies involved had a website – and that figure hadn’t risen since late 2012. In 2014, SMEs with a digital presence are making, on average, $150,000 more in revenues each year than their non-digital counterparts – and the picture is even bleaker outside Auckland.

Digital SMEs in Christchurch were losing out on some $400,000 compared to their non-digital counterparts, and Wellingtonians missed out on $330,000.

These numbers show the importance of having online presence. However, the game isn’t won by just being online – you need to be the people’s first choice


In 2014, Google provided an audit that found 30 per cent of Ford’s prospective customers were using their smartphones to research buying new cars. In the same year, technology research firm IDC surveyed 1500 NZ households in March and April about their use of technology.

The average number of household devices connected to the internet has risen from 2.9 in 2011 to 5.2.

47% of respondents would prefer to shop online than in a physical store.

17% would prefer to watch a movie alone on their tablet.

Six in 10 Kiwis own multiple mobile devices

Steve Traplin, director of digital marketing services for Yellow says many SMEs are nervous about getting started with digital, with 71% of participants describing themselves as a beginner, or knowing nothing about digital marketing.

He also commented on the state of affairs in Australia, saying their digital adoption rates eclipses ours, with numbers going from 52% to 64% over the last three years.

Evidently, the presence of professional websites in New Zealand is sorely lacking, but the potential for growth clearly exists. A loss of a range from $150,000 to $400,000 per year is enormous and easily remedied.

nz muscle

NZMuscle.co.nz – an example of Zeald’s work

All of these points lead to the interwoven promotion and persuasion of a website. These two ideologies are core to web design company Zeald’s work ethic and everything they do relate back to promotion and persuasion.


The RSA website – an example of Zeald’s work

You can get started with a free website audit from the Zeald team – a personalised tool that a professional consultant will use alongside you in order to generate the best possible response for your business. Zeald also offer free educational seminars with no emphasis on selling their services – they offer knowledge, concepts of web design and the common pitfalls of business owners expanding into the online marketplace.

Zeald-designed websites are geared toward building attractive websites that drive conversion. This means the sites they have a hand in creating have high ratios of click-through to sales.

A modern website is taking the place of the traditional storefront. If you think of a physical shop as needing to both entice you to walk in and keeping you interested enough to buy something, a website functions exactly the same. It is not enough merely to attract browsers to your website, you need to be able to show that you are what they want.

Don’t hesitate – don’t put your business on the line. Make sure your website is up to scratch and watch as your business takes off!

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