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Hollywood is full of career transformations from Robert Downey Jr. to Matthew McConaughey but one man whose story is often overlooked is Eric Bana. These days we know the Australian actor for his notable roles in films like Black Hawk Down, Troy and Lone Survivor but what many people don’t know is the 45-year-old actually began his performing career over 20 years ago as a stand-up comedian.

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Bronx Girl
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Sex Tape
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11 deadliest animals on the planet
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a solid solution
What’s the big fuss about SSD? Even though you might not know it, you’re probably already using one. Or several, for that matter…

tech support
There are fewer things more frustrating than losing your data. Here’s how the experts keep their files safe and sound…

It might be a good idea in theory for everyone to be rationed and given equal use of resources and to work together for a common good – and capitalism might yet still evolve of course. But at the end of the day we all have our own individual dreams and desires.
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