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So the Auckland property market has been making the rounds again with Labour’s “half-baked” report into the  amount of overseas investors pumping up the prices of  our houses. I have spoken about the fact that the recent LVR rules do nothing to slow overseas investment and only hinder local property investors. The problem with Labour’s report is that as well as being fundamentally flawed at a very, very basic level, it is also nothing short of xenophobic. To target one race of people on the basis of whether or not they have Chinese sounding names is utter craziness. Not only is it a cheap shot but it undermines the debate. We do need to protect New Zealander’s rights to home ownership but we need to do it with some intelligence.

– Andre Rowell, Editor M2 Magazine

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  1. David

    To the editor:

    Hi, I’m enjoying the current (December 2015) issue but I find it quite poor that there is no mention of the name ‘Taika Waititi’ in the body of the article. I eventually found it only in the Contents section.

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