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While my 7 month-old daughter seems more interested in chewing the end of her favourite rattle than considering the yield potential of regional property investments against the capital gains potential in the main centres, I am already now thinking about the kind of lessons that I want to leave her in terms of securing her financial future. And of course that’s only one part of the sort of person she will become. What will she be motivated by? How will she treat other people? What’s more important, nature vs nurture? It’s all very confusing, and I’m not even at the point yet where I am having a coherent conversation with her. There is of course no black and white answer to the question of nature vs nurture. It is a balance between both. Some personality traits will be inherent and some will be molded by environment; an environment that parents have a very important control over of course. In this issue David Agnew looks at this dynamic between dads and their children with some very famous examples of the sort of successes that have come out of that relationship. Sometimes though the cost for that success can be high. Especially on the children. And maybe my job is not to create and shape and build that success but to create an environment in which my daughter will create and shape and build her own success, on her own terms. I’m not sure, but for now she is quite occupied with her favourite blue rattle, so I won’t push the subject.

– Andre Rowell, Editor M2 Magazine

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