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Having been the lead actor in two the highest grossing Movies of 2014 literally sealed Pratt’s stardom status but somehow he has managed to remain grounded and often self-deprecating. Check this out and other stories on success the future of currency, and fashion in the July 2015 issue of M2.

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I tend not to spend a lot of time Googling male Hollywood stars unless I take it upon myself to change the image on my co-“worker,” Dave’s computer while he is not looking. It’s amazing how many wallpaper images there are for Magic Mike floating around on the internet by the way. Anyway, when you finish undermining the personal space of your “colleagues” take a moment to Google Chris Pratt. Lately you will find the face of a chiseled leading man – the very face we have on the cover of the issue against a back drop of rather large reptiles – much like the picture above. If you scroll a little bit further down, you will find another Chris Pratt. A not so chiseled, in fact, dare I say it, slightly portly Chris Pratt. The Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation era is a funny, funny man. Could you have imagined him as a Dinosaur busting heart throb though? Why is it that it takes the loss of a few kilos to change perceptions so drastically? With so many ways to gauge the nature of a person, it’s funny how we can often be one dimensional. I’m sure in an age of Paleo Diets, Caitlyn Jenner and the end of Campbell Live, that there is some profound conclusion to be drawn about the direction that the world is headed in. I don’t have time though. I’ve got some more desktop images to research.

– Andre Rowell, Editor M2 Magazine

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