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Catapulted from obscurity to international stardom by the biggest TV show on earth, Kit Harington (Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow) has had one hell of a career ride over the last 5 years. Take a look between the covers of the M2 June issue to find out what he has in common with his onscreen persona, how he got his big break and his thoughts on ambition.

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Andre profileAhhh, it all makes sense now. It’s local property investors who are to blame for Auckland house prices and not emotional home buyers leveraging themselves to the hilt to buy nearest their favourite cafe or overseas buyers loaded up with cheap money. It’s those evil property investors making sensible, calculated estimations of a house’s value based on the numbers and not an undying emotional attachment to the quarter shade of Spanish White that’s been used in the lounge. What’s worse is that they help pay for their decades’ long loan by providing tenants with a place to live. Disgusting. Luckily, the Reserve Bank is onto them and with simple adjustment of the numbers, the problem has been solved. Soon in Auckland, property investors will be required to stump up with a 30 percent deposit on their next investment property. That will show those greedy local landlords not to mess with the city. Just because many of them sacrifice luxuries in the short term to go towards building a portfolio for the future, that’s still no excuse for wanting to get ahead. OK, just a quick summary of the actions so far to make Auckland more affordable: Number 1. Implementing an LVR restriction to 80 percent for those borrowing from a local bank – making first-home buyers have to save more than ever before; Number 2. Implementing an LVR restriction of 70 percent for those borrowing from a local bank for investment properties; Number 3. Leave the door open for overseas investment. Who exactly are we trying to make the city more affordable for?

– Andre Rowell, Editor M2 Magazine

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