Inside M2 Magazine November 2015

As he approaches his fourth big-screen outing as 007, Daniel Craig has made the part his own, rebuilding James Bond as a 21st century hero, a man women want to be with, a man men want to be and a man villains would rather avoid…

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Exclusive James Bond Spectre

James Bond Spectre

I don’t know. Being a gentleman? Isn’t it just respect? I don’t have a rulebook.

Fukushima 4 Years On


Streelights illuminate the abandoned streets of Fukushima, the town which was deserted four years ago after the nuclear power station was destroyed by an earthquake.

The Minimum You Need to Run For The Most Health Benefits


Don’t you hate it when your friends brag about how long they ran for and how often they run? But you know what? Shame on them for running half a marathon every second day.

The World’s Worst Traffic Jams


We recommend avoiding the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway as all 50 lanes got clogged by four kilometres of cars.

6 Foods That Make You Smarter


Whether you’re trying to solve a Sudoku, struggling to concentrate during those last few hours at work, or trying to figure out what the hell Mulholland Drive was all about, you’re going to need some extra brain power.

How To Live to 100+


Although humans are simply not programmed for longevity, the 100-plus age group is the fastest-growing demographic.

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He’s sophisticated, charming, resourceful, good with his hands, good with the ladies, patriotic, fashionable, well-travelled, well-armed, groomed, witty, deadly handsome, deadly, he’s got good taste in drinks, he’s got good taste in gadgets, he’s got good taste in cars. There are elements in James Bond that appeal to any man… and woman for that matter. That’s quite probably the secret to his longevity – no matter the decade, no matter the actor playing Bond, no matter the villain threatening him, or the sophistication of weaponry at his disposal, 007 is a concept that speaks to the very basic premise of what it is to be a man. A premise that is dampened down by mortgage repayments, tax returns, speeding tickets, taking the cat to the vet and repainting the house. Day to day life, basically. The stuff you never see Bond doing. For Ian Fleming was a very clever man. He knew that in spite of the fact that life for the vast majority of us bears no resemblance to that of the suave British spy, we would still occasionally, even for a couple of hours at a time, still like to believe that we could save the world, defeat an assortment of evil villains and their henchmen, and pick up any woman we wanted, all while wearing a tailored suit and cracking the odd joke here and there. Genius.

– Andre Rowell, Editor M2 Magazine

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