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Tom Hardy is the hottest thing in Hollywood at the moment and he’s also the most complex. He’s been on the side of both good and evil, been the love interest and even been his own twin…

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There’s an old saying in the news industry that if it bleeds it leads and for good reason. Audiences for some reason have more an appetite for stories about carnage than they do the frilly feel good stuff. And in a world of ISIS and an unfathomable Syrian refugee crisis that is entirely understandable. The problem is that this formula seems to extend also to economic news. Stories about milk prices, a slowdown in the Chinese market, and the holiday homes of convicted investment fraudsters get a lot more press than positive stories about record tourism numbers, business success stories and the positive side of overseas investments – do we really want a country that no one wants to invest in? Given that an increasing number of us seem to get our news from our Facebook feeds maybe this won’t be an issue in the future. But consumer confidence does influence the economy and for now the media does influence consumer confidence. While we can’t live in a rose coloured fantasy land and pretend that everything is a picnic it is important to consider that those dramatic headlines could just become self-fulfilling prophecies.

– Andre Rowell, Editor M2 Magazine

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