Inside M2 November 2014

It’s a risky proposition, remaking a cult classic film but DJ Cotrona and his fellow co-stars seem more inspired than intimidated to be making ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ – the all new horror TV series based on Quentin Tarantino’s film of the same name. This issue of M2 delves into the challenges that these young yet surprisingly experienced actors have faced, and what we can expect from this dark and sexy new show.

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9 Places You’ll Never See
These sites redefine the term ‘Off Limits’.

What Every Man Needs to Know About His Health
Sometimes ‘she’ll be right’ just doesn’t cut it when it comes to your own wellbeing.

10 Lessons from the World’s Greatest Business Thinker
These pieces of wisdom from Peter Drucker may change the way you think about business forever.



Like a GT
Is the new Mercedes AMG GT perfect?

Pulling Power
Why VW’s new Amarok Range is a true lifestyle changer.


How Do Entrepreneurs Find Balance?
Work life balance is hard enough for 9-5ers. Entrepreneurs have a far tougher challenge to tackle.

Staying Remarkable As Your Business Evolves
Stagnation is a business killer – learn how one company took a bold risk to stay relevant.

Man Made


NASA Space Elevator
An elevator to the Moon may not be so far off…

The Phoenix Towers
China’s claim for the world’s tallest tower(s).


8 Ways to Smarten Up for November
Technology every man should have.

Tech Support
The internet is safer than you might think…


AndreLike a company switching clients or contracts, we might spend a few years there, a few years here, until the next opportunity comes – each experience, each environment adding to a skill set and package. Our careers will weave and evolve, as will the experiences that shape us.

Andre Rowell
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