Look Good With the Best Versace Styles This Winter

If you haven’t already noticed from the installment of dripping umbrellas in the way of the office doors, we are well and truly approaching the heart of the winter season. But that doesn’t mean your style choices have to take a back seat to practicality on these wet days.Versace-Jeans-bomber jacket

This season Versace Jeans has some great variety and some key pieces for your wardrobe that will have you looking the part.

This piece, the Versace Jeans Tiger Bomber Jacket is a stand out in the collection; with a metallic look and very Versace tiger print (which features throughout the collection) will have you looking on point and ready for what the weather has to throw at you. We’ve been told that the Bomber has been drawing plenty of interest in-store at George Harrison, but for those savvy shoppers, the collection is on sale online now as part of their winter sale. Skip the brick and mortar, you already know you want it.

If you were going for a relaxed weekender look this winter, check out this inspiration from the Versace Collection Fall / Winter Look book.

Dark tones with a contrast sneaker will have you looking suave and on trend. Go for an oversized double breasted coat over a plain tee. This will give an effortless cozy look. Wear this with a pair of well fitted jeans,  sneakers or slip ons (pictured) and you will be ready to take to the streets for your well-deserved Saturday morning long black and brioche.

Lastly, here’s a peek into Versace’s reinvention of the classic Racer Jacket, it incorporates Versace’s core identity of Rock n Roll, with a sleek, unfettered design. The luxurious leather construction in a forest green takes centre stage on an impeccably crafted jacket. And if you are a Versace – lover, you know the medusa details won’t be missed and every piece will always be accented with polished Versace Collection Silver hardware.

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