M2 Masterclass

Goals are good, right? Well, sometimes they can harm more than they help.

Sometimes the best advice is completely unexpected.

We all battle with stress – so how do we reduce its toll?

Failure is never easy, but it can help us grow.

Success is different for everyone – what does it mean to you?

An innovative and inspiring toolkit for success.

M2 Magazine presents MASTER CLASS, an interactive video based feature capturing the insights and advice from some of New Zealand’s most successful men on business and life success, tackling the issues of making the most of their time, focus, legacy, health, exercise and fulfilment, with less stress. Brought to you by Mercedes-Benz, MASTER CLASS is a dynamic, innovative and inspiring toolkit for success from those who have thought big and achieved big and who act as a benchmark for us all.

Brought to you by Mercedes Benz

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