Paul Minors

Paul Minors (Man on the Street)

Paul Minors
Age: 22
Job: Marketing Gorilla, Mighty Ape

Has politics got more interesting lately or more tiresome?
I’ve found it gets more interesting as you get older and you become more affected by the issues being discussed.
Should match fixing be a jail sentence crime?
No, but a heavy fine should be paid.
How effective is your business social media?
With over 250,000 Facebook fans, it’s a significant database and a great medium for connecting with your customers.
Is it ok to take phone calls or texts when you’re in a meeting?
If you can give someone your complete attention you’re likely to get a better outcome from the meeting. Taking a phone call prevents this.
Should returning Kiwi who buggered off to Oz for the good times, be treated like immigrants now?
No. I think it should be a right that anyone can return to their country of birth without being treated differently.
What’s the point of getting the flu injection each year?
Not a lot. Eating healthily and getting regular exercise has always been my natural way of preventing illness and I have to say it works pretty well.
How would you regulate foreign ownership?
I’d have mechanisms in place to prioritise Kiwi investors.
Would you like to see an increase in GST?
I think prices are already quite high in comparison to other countries.
Do you meet socially with work colleagues?
Yes. Shout out to Dylan Bland!
What’s your understanding of Global Warming?
I’d love to see the world move away from its dependence on oil and gas.

Paul Minors profilePaul Smith London  suit, Poggianti shirt, Paul Smith boots, tie & belt
5th Ave
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