Tag Heuer Has Created Its Own Smartwatch

Silicon Valley thinks it can just swagger into the watch market but they’ll have their work cut out for them if the 155 year old watch maker Tag Heuer has anything to say about it.

Tag Heuer Connected

When it comes to timeless style these guys are experts. Using a classic circular screen and powering it with Android Wear and Intel Hardware the watches themselves remain true to the TAG Heuer DNA. The watchfaces available with the TAG Heuer Connected are the Chronograph, 3-hands, and GMT functions are all presented in white, black, and dark blue.

TAG Heuer Connected is equipped with directional wind and weather monitoring, RaceChrono Pro capability, and Google Fit. Bold, custom themes allow numerous display options and Android Wear connects you with thousands of apps that you can tailor to your taste.

RRP $1,500USD |

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