This guy makes TV and Movie recipes come to life

The love of food and movies is ubiquitous. There’s nothing quite like chowing down into good food and watching a quality flick. Be it dinner and a movie or dinner while watching a movie, it’s stimulation on a visual and taste level that hooks us in.

New York chef Andrew Rea aka Oliver Babish of YouTube channel Binging with Babish goes one step further by recreating dishes from all your favourite movies and shows. Boasting over a million subscribers, Babish dives deep into movie and TV lore to give justice to recipes from your favourite shows and films. Now you can live out your fantasies of actually trying out the Big Kahuna burger from Pulp Fiction, the strudel from Inglourious Basterds or the Purple Wedding pigeon pie (minus birds) and lemon cake from Game of Thrones.

The cool thing about this channel is that Babish actually tries to make the recipes as per script, which can lead to some hilariously disastrous results – like destroying an entire waffle iron trying to make Homer Simpson’s moon waffles. Let’s not get it twisted, Babish really knows his food so if you’re going to give these recipes a crack, make sure you’ve done your prep work. It’s well worth the effort however, as some of these movie meals look like they could easily be on the menu of a restaurant or eatery in downtown Auckland.

The channel itself is different to the usual talking head vloggers you may be used to seeing on YouTube. With a film school degree, pro videography career and impressive culinary skills to match, Babish’s Binging with Babish is a series that places emphasis on the food itself, rather than the personalities associated with the food. Admittedly, I’ve gone through and smashed out every single one of his episodes and am (pardon the pun) always hungry for the latest eps.

Head here for Babish’s full list of recipes.


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